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With our years of experience we understand that not everyone who is looking to book an airport transfer has straight forward requirements. Different parts of the same group may be looking to travel at different times or on different dates.

The Shopping Basket is VaVroom's latest development and we believe a first for airport transfers. Simply put, it allows you to book all your different transfers to all your different resorts all at the same time. Not only can it save you time and effort when booking your transfers, it also enables you to travel exactly as you please, when you please, to wherever you please.

But how does it work?

1. Separate your booking into single journeys.
2. Complete the details of your first journey in our Quote Generator (e.g., Geneva to Morzine for 6 people)
3. Select your preferred transfer option (shared / private / helicopter etc)
4. Then click ‘Save and Add Another’
5. Put details of the next journey into the quote generator (e.g. Morzine to Geneva for 2 people)
5. Repeat these steps until you have all the transfers you require in your Shopping Basket
5. Then click Add this and pay now’

After providing the remaining information requested (flight details, accommodation address etc) you can make one easy payment and you’re finished.

You can add as many journeys to your Shopping Basket as you need. Much of the information will automatically be input after you’ve done it once, saving you valuable time. And if this is your first time booking with VaVroom you will be emailed log-in details upon completion so that should you need to go back and add more journeys, or perhaps you need to amend a booking, you can do so on-line.

Arriving as a group, but departing separately?
You can for example book a private transfer for your arrival then separate shared transfers for the return journeys.

Frequent Traveller?
Are you a frequent traveller? When using the Shopping Basket you will find most of your travel information will automatically be completed after you have done it once.

Group Bookings?
When a group goes on holiday together normally one person gets the task of organising travel arrangements. People are rarely travelling on the same flight, from the same airport, at the same time. The Shopping Basket allows you to separate the entire holiday into individual journeys so that everyone can travel when they want, how they want, with whom they want, offering you the ultimate in flexible travel.

Here at VaVroom we are constantly trying to refine our service so please let us know your feedback and suggestions.