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line was founded and is run by Ski-Lifts, an established and internationally recognised transfer company based in the French Alps. As a large airport transfer operator, we are well aware that we contribute a significant amount of pollution to the atmosphere.

Rather than simply donating our profits to a ‘carbon neutral’ company, we instead made the decision to invest what profits we make into making our business run as efficiently as possible. This leads to us actually producing fewer emissions per passenger and also gives us the added benefit of being able to be very competitive on price without compromising our quality of service.

Some examples of how we have addressed the levels of pollution we create:

- Co-operation with other transfer operators. Why should 2 vehicles from different companies go to the airport, when all groups are on the same flight and could fit into 1 vehicle? We have been investing a lot of time and money into making the process by which this works a lot more streamlined.

- Pioneering a shared transfer model which means that we do fewer trips because people share the bus with others.

- Operating transfers along linear routes, so minimizing the amount of time a vehicle is running without passengers.

As VaVroom expands into new areas, we strive to work with like minded companies, who also recognise the need to develop better working practices and reduce their, and therefore our, impact upon the environment.

This is a work in progress, but by constantly working through new ideas, we firmly believe that we can have a positive impact.